Monday, March 07, 2016

A Meeting With a Chicken, Ham and Leek Pie

Are you noticing a theme in my posts? Food has definitely taken a front seat here. However, while I did eat today, I also met an acquaintance from an on-line group. He's a young Spanish man who's lived in London for several years. We met for lunch and I had my first savory pie. The English make pies with pastry sturdy enough to stand on its own, delicious and crispy. I'm assuming the crust was chock-full of butter and lard. I am now recalling the pie stall at Borough Market with heightened interest, so a return visit is on my agenda.

I also braved my flat's washer/dryer -- a single device -- and washed a few clothes. I wished Jeanne were here to share the experience with me. It took three and a half hours and the clothes were still, as the porter explained to me, only half-dry!

Steps Today: 5,543

Vocabulary Term for Today: Heated Towel Rail. 
Many English bathrooms have towel bars that are part of the heating system. They're radiators, but they're shaped so you can hang towels from them. This means your towels are warm when you want to use them but, more importantly, your towels dry completely and quickly after you use them. Whoever invented heated towel rails should win a medal!

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