Thursday, March 24, 2016

Collier Arrives

Several of you have asked whether Collier arrived safely, and he has. He spent almost 24 hours in transit, eventually getting to London from Charlotte via Los Angeles for reasons known only to American Airlines. 

Once here, our intrepid colleague was determined to see London like one of the 99%. So, Oyster Card in hand, he headed for the Tube where he was informed that the Picadilly Line, the line from Heathrow to Central London, was closed for a one-day strike. Why a strike? Dunno. Why for one day? Dunno. But the real puzzle is why only the Picadilly line was shut down. That's the true mystery and it remains unsolved at this point. Your humble correspondent will let you know if she learns the answer to this baffling question.

But arrive, he did, and we met for dinner at his hotel. We had the omakase (chef's choice) sushi menu and it was quite good. We'd originally planned to go out for fish & chips, but that would have entailed a mile-plus walk in the rain, so we're saving the fish & chips for another day.  

Tomorrow we plan to take one of the hop-on, hop-off bus tours. Collier is convinced that, because it's Good Friday, the crowds will be smaller. Yeah, keep telling yourself that, buddy.

Steps walked today: 5,735

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