Thursday, March 03, 2016

Let Me Google That for Me

Google is my friend. Today I did two things I found via Google: I got my hair cut and I ate fish & chips. 

The hair salon is called Unruly Curls and I left with a mop of curls I didn't know I had. Emma did a super job with the scissors and the diffuser. I know my hair won't look this good when I do it, but it was pretty cool for the day. I just think one of these days I ought to have my hair done when I have plans so I can show off my new do. 

One of the fun things in the UK is that dogs are simply an integrated part of people's lives. One of the stylists at Unruly Curls had his whippet, Monty, with him. I'd have thought a whippet would be nervous and yappy, but Monty was a model of cool, suave sophistication. He greeted people as they entered in a calm, collected way. I took this photo of him because my sister likes greyhounds and whippets. 

Prior to my haircut, I had fish & chips at The Fish House in Notting Hill. The place was staffed by Italian men, but they did a good job at the fryer. Alas, newspaper is no longer used to wrap take-away (take-out) fish & chips, but many places like The Fish House use parchment paper printed with a newspaper design to wrap their food.

Unruly Curls is in the Shepherd's Bush neighborhood. On the way to from the Tube (Underground) station I walked along Royal Crescent where I saw these houses. They were designed in 1839 and mimic the style of the Royal Crescent in Bath. One of them had a tiled porch that will delight my quilting friends. 

On the way back to the flat I did a little grocery shopping at a Tesco Metro in my neighborhood. Tesco is a giant grocery chain, and their Metro stores are smaller versions of the store, tucked into urban centers. 

That's it for today. Feel free to leave comments or questions if you'd like. 

Steps Today: Alas, I forgot my FitBit this morning. I estimate I walked about 3.5 miles today.

Vocabulary Word of the Day: Door. Well, in the UK a door means the same as it does in the US. But there's an odd thing about the doors here. In the US an outside door swings outward. I think it's a requirement in the building codes; in case of a fire, people rushing from the building can exit more quickly if the door swings outward. Here the doors swing inward. I'm still pulling on doors to enter businesses, and need to train myself to push on them. 

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