Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Quilts Underfoot and Private Parks

I continue to encounter tiled stoops outside public buildings and private homes. The stoops along a street will be ordinary checkerboards, then I'll come upon a design like these. 

And there are still lots of private gardens or parks in London. They belong to the surrounding houses and only those residents may use them. 

I had a very nice lunch today at a Persian restaurant. The portion wasn't quite as huge as it looks in the photo. The meal was similar to Persian meals I've eaten in Southern California and Houston. But the bread was especially good. It's called taftoon and is sort of a cross between pita and a cracker, but covered with sesame seeds. The restaurant is called Pardis which means paradise.

Steps Today: 3,154

Vocabulary Word of the Day: Zebra Crossing. These are designated points where pedestrians have the right of way for crossing a street. A famous one is the one at Abbey Road that you've seen in the photo of the Beatles. Ordinarily the pavement in a zebra crossing is painted with white stripes on the black pavement, hence the name. They also have black-and-white striped poles on either side of the street with yellow light globes atop them. Cars stop for you at zebra crossings; if you're crossing elsewhere, exercise caution!


Patricia said...

Hi Dorothy--- enjoying your posts about your London adventures. Any fabric hunting?

Dorothy said...

Not yet, Patricia. But I have a fabric store r two on my radar!