Friday, March 04, 2016

To Market, To Market.

Yesterday my hairdresser, Emma, recommended the Borough Market to me. It was already on my radar, so off I went and found Foodie heaven. 


London is full of markets. Some run on a single day of the week and some are open every day. The Borough Market is open Monday through Saturday, and is justly famous for both fresh foods like produce, dairy, baked goods and meats, and for prepared foods to eat on the spot. Here you can see a few of the many offerings: fresh fruit, cheeses of many descriptions and a whole Parma ham, on the hoof, literally.

I picked up salami, olives and bread to bring back for dinner, then turned my attention to the prepared foods. I wanted to try everything -- the toasted cheese sandwiches, the raclette served with new potatoes, the meat pies, the pulled pork at The Roast Hog where they were carving  from an entire pig. The Market even hosts sit-down restaurants. 

There were several vendors cooking food in giant paella pans; these pans are at least four feet in diameter. The offerings included paella, but also included curries and biryanis. The choice seemed endless and varied and so tempting. It was hard to choose but I finally picked a duck wrap -- shredded duck with hoisin sauce and fresh greens wrapped in a tortilla. It was delicious. 

The Boroough Market will be a must-re-visit venue when my friend Collier is in London in a couple weeks!

Steps Today: 7,079.

Vocabulary Word for Today: actually a phrase, "Mind the Gap." When you ride the underground, you hear Mind the Gap announcements and see Mind the Gap signs frequently. This is a reminder to watch the gap between the train and the platform so you don't trip in it and injure yourself. 

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